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Discover our regional shop!

In our Chrämerlädeli you will find a gift for your grandma, for the babysitter or for the ones at home. From regional specialties to our legendary Kemmeriboden Merängge to our homemade specialties from our kitchen, you will find what you are looking for in our Chrämerlädeli.


The history of the Kemmeriboden Merängge

It was 80 years ago when the Merängge found its way to Kemmeriboden Bad. Today it is more sought after than ever - experience it for yourself and enjoy one of our traditional Kemmeriboden Merängges.


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Give a piece of Kemmeriboden as a gift!

Give a piece of Kemmeriboden as a gift!



Give a piece of Kemmeriboden as a gift - with the Kemmeri gift box!

Order a piece of Kemmeriboden directly to your home. The Kemmeriboden Post is filled with the best products, packed with Schangnau organic hay as a protector, making it the perfect gift! In each Kemmeriboden Post the recipient will find a hay soup recipe made from Schangnau organic hay as well as a description of the Kemmeriboden Post printed on beer paper.

Order a Kemmeri gift box


Of course, you can also order the Kemmeriboden Post directly by telephone on 034 493 77 77. We look forward to your call!

The big sister of the small Kemmeriboden-Merängge is unfortunately not suitable for shipping. You are welcome to order them from us in the Regiolädeli.

The sweet gift

Filled with a small pack of Kemmeriboden Merängge (10 pieces), a small Merängge liqueur from Distillerie Studer (100ml) and a small temptation (4 packs of Merängge Müpfeli from the Kemmeriboden praline line), the sweet Kemmeriboden gift box makes the heart of every sweet tooth beat faster!

Price: CHF 65.90 incl. VAT. , shipping in Switzerland (shipping time: 4–5 working days) and filling.


The hearty gift

Filled with an igloo schnapps from the Zemp family from Schüpfheim, a tasty buffalo sausage made from Schangnau water buffalo meat and a pack of Änis-Biscuits from the Stein bakery, the hearty Kemmeriboden gift box will delight all lovers of hearty tastes.

Price: CHF 64.00 incl. VAT, shipping in Switzerland (shipping time: 4–5 working days) and filling.


The caring gift

Filled with the honey cream bath from the Kemmeriboden care line, a marmot herbal ointment and a herbal tea from the Biosphere Entlebuch, the caring Kemmeriboden gift box offers everything for a day of relaxation or for feel-good care in everyday life.

Price: CHF 67.00 incl. VAT, shipping in Switzerland (shipping time 4 to 5 working days) and filling.