Welcome to Landgasthof Kemmeriboden Bad!

We see it as a matter of course to inspire you with our mix of creativity and tradition true to the art of cooking. The origin of the products has always played a central role for us. For Kemmeriboden, it has been our top priority since the very beginning to make sure that we use local 1A ingredients to conjure up delicious dishes for you. Enjoy the four seasons from our natural and tasty cuisine. With our large and small menus we satisfy your hunger through the day. And to crown it all, perhaps we could interest you in a Merängge or perhaps a Schrattendessert? Let us seduce you with our culinary delights!

Please reserve a table so that you can enjoy a nice stay with us. Thank you very much for your help.

Opening hours of the restaurant

The current opening hours of the restaurant you can find here



At Kemmeriboden Bad, we promise you that, as much as possible, you will get food from local farmers in the best quality and freshness available.

Regional products always have priority at Hotel Landgasthof Kemmeriboden Bad. In order to guarantee freshness and to avoid long journeys, we buy, for example, our dairy products, baked goods and meat directly from the Emmental and Entlebuch regions. Whenever possible, we purchase other products from suppliers in the canton of Berne or Switzerland.

P.S. Of course, in between we also have products that are in demand by our guests and do not grow in Switzerland :-)


Wine is our passion. We have made this our guiding principle. Each wine is like its own story: simply poetry in a glassy disguise. Our extensive wine list should reflect what wine really is: diverse, interesting, varied and poetic.




From August you can also enjoy from our 3G wine list.
Until then we let the wines rest a little.


Table reservation

At the moment we only accept table reservations by telephone.

We look forward to your call on +41 34 493 77 77.